Silly Teachers


Study Island

Students are required to complete weekly study island.

Study Island is a weekly assignment – you have 8 days to complete the work. Please plan vacations accordingly so you can complete the work. Extended time is not given to assignments with ongoing deadlines.


Please allow your children to use the website listed below to help them with their weekly spelling words.

They can practice spelling tests, play fun games with their words, and other activities. It’s a great resource. All the spelling lists have been uploaded for entire year! We have week 12 spelling test this Friday. Check the website out!

Reading Log

Please complete two reading log squares a week – turn in on Friday.

Science Fair Packet

Please follow along in the science fair packet – make sure to complete the assignments as they are due.

The list is under Ms. Hess’s name.

Upcoming Field Trips:

The next field trip(s) will be as follows:

  • November 8th Ms. Hess – snorkeling
  • November 9th Ms. Cathy – snorkeling
  • November 14th – 5th grade only, DRC Grassy Key

Previous News:

We would like to give a HUGE shout out to all the mom’s and dad’s that helped put together the fabulous Halloween, hands on Science, party for our 4/5 team. The kids loved the experiences, and the learning was seen in each and every activity; from density, to molecule structures, to gas and liquids, and many other chemical reactions that made learning fun!! We couldn’t have done it without the donations and time given from these fabulous parents. We truly have a wonderful group of parents that help, and it doesn’t go unnoticed!!

Our snorkeling field trips are next week. Please make sure to bring the release forms and CASH needed for these trips. We will be enjoying the salty air on a boat ride out to the reef to check out the wonderful life that is right below the ocean and on our doorstep in the beautiful Florida Keys. Ms. Cathy and Ms. Hess are in need of a few parents (yes you will have to pay to come too) so we have extra eyes in and on the water. We are looking for 2-3 more adults that would love some volunteer hours, loves to be on the water, and can help guide a small group of kids in the water. If this sounds like a job for you please touch base.

4th grade has their unit 3 math test on Friday – please study!!!
5th grade has begun Unit 4 – multiplication and division of fractions

Upcoming Events:

• November 1st – No School Day
• November 2nd – Fudge sales (4/5 fundraiser)
• November 8th and 9th- Reef Roamer -Snorkel Trip Field trip for Ms. Hess’s and Ms. Cathy’s class
• November 10th – Riva Motor Sports BBQ cook-off
• November 10th – Key Largo Bridge run (entry fees apply, but runners can also collect pledges for a 4/5 fundraiser)
• November 12th- No School Day
• November 14th- 5th Grade only field trip to Dolphin Research Center.
• November 17th – Mariner’s 5k run – (pledges can be taken for 4/5 fundraiser)
• November 19th – Bagging groceries (4/5 fundraiser)
• November 19th-23rd- Thanksgiving Break

Ms. Cathy and Ms. Hess

Lead Teachers 4th and 5th grade