Welcome to TVM’s VPK classroom! Please take a look around, enjoy all we have in store for your student! Please feel free to contact either teacher for volunteer opportunities and any questions you may have.

Ms. Kris Pooley
Lead VPK Teacher
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Ms. Jillian French
VPK Assistant




VPK Seadragons 2019-2020

VPK News


VPK 4/6-4/10

Daily Schedule (please adapt to your families needs) Things to do this week Extra work/fun ideas
Morning Routine Before 9:00

Good morning! 

Dress yourself and get ready for a wonderful day ahead.  Help make yourself a healthy breakfast and then brush your teeth… it’s almost circle time!

Connect 9:00-10:00 (Mon.-Thurs.)

<Play back later in the day in the day if you can’t join us live.> 

Join Ms. Kris and Ms. Jillian for circle time.  Stay online for bit and we will spend some time together!  During this time we may present a lesson, sing a familiar song, read a book and more. 

After circle time please have your child write the date on their calendar. 

Monday @ 11:00- Art with Ms. Diana on Zoom

Tuesday @ 11:00- Music with Ms. Lisa on Zoom

Read with Someone     – Please read a book to your child every day

-If your child is reading have them read a book to you (sent home with weekly)

      Extra story time can be found online:

Listen to the Scholastic Read-Aloud book of the day (https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome/grades-prek-k.html) 

      Pick a book on Storyline Online – books read by actors




Creative writing- spring poem

-Parts of the seed booklet

-Spring babies booklet

-Bunny matching capitol/lowercase letters

-Review letter names and sounds

-Name tracing

-Write the alphabet on provided lined paper.

-Practice writing letters on a tray with flour, salt, sand or cornmeal.

Project -Plant your seed in a small cup with soil. Give it water, sunlight and love… See what happens!

-Paper plate bunny craft

Pre-reading & Reading Skills Try using your bunny cards for a fun game of memory.  Make a match when you find upper and lower case letters.  Practice rhyming by singing songs with rhyming words and reading rhyming poems together. 
Math Practice    Practice writing numbers on provided worksheets.  Use counters (beads, cheerios…anything, to match the quantity with the numeral to strengthen counting skills.

-Complete addition/subtraction work.  What creative objects can you use for counters?

-Try writing numbers in the bath tub!  Use bath crayons or kids foam soap on the wall. 

-Go for a walk and observe the numbers on homes and mailboxes. Point out the numbers and identify each one.

If you are working on addition challenge yourself further but adding the two digits of a house number together! 

The world around you: your home -Practice pouring, measuring, spooning.  Help Mom or Dad prepare a meal.

-Do a job to help out around your home. Dust, sweep, was windows or fold your laundry.

Independent Activity Options Self Care: zipping jacket, buttoning, work on learning to tie your shoes

Art: coloring, cutting and gluing

Building: blocks, legos, cereal boxes, anything!

Movement:  toss and catch a sock ball, make an indoor obstacle course

Play outside

Listen to music/sing songs

Draw with sidewalk chalk

Make hearts and rainbows for your window to spread hope and love

Make an Easter card and mail it to a friend or family member

Complete a puzzle

Pajama Day on Thursday!- Join us on Zoom in your pj’s

A few important notes:  PLEASE READ!

We know families have a lot of roles, responsibilities, and new circumstances to juggle right now!  Our hope is that this suggested schedule of daily work will feel flexible and manageable.  If it doesn’t feel like it’s working for your family or your child, PLEASE let us know and we can adapt a plan together. 

Our aim is that the schedule would involve you (or another adult or older child!) directly facilitating learning time each day for about 30-60 minutes each day.  Most of their “school day” can be independent activities.  Please reach out with any questions, concerns, and feedback on what is and isn’t helpful.

Links to Montessori websites:







Weekly News:

Hello VPK Families,
It was amazing to see so many of our children’s beautiful faces this morning… including Tater Tot 😍. Welcome back ! Happy Birthday again to Dean and Matthew ! We are celebrating with you in spirit… but you can still bring cake 😂. 
A few issues to discuss moving forward:
Ms. Jillian and I will be taking more control with the microphones tomorrow, muting all and then unmuting children as needed. We will also be trying something new to handle the audio issues that we were experiencing today.
Please make sure that your child is completing the creative writing project titled “Spring Break” – reference portfolio work if you have questions that your Sea Dragon cannot answer for you.
Diana has a challenge for all children to draw hearts and rainbows to put on our windows to send out our positive thoughts and feelings .
Coach has asked that each child visits her page on the TVM website and get your SWEAT ON ! Lots of cool activities for Sea Dragons to keep it moving 🙂.
I want to share two websites that are awesome and free !
Worksheets PK- 8th and packets to download.
My favorite for STEM activities.
If you choose to drop off and pick up new work for each week’s lessons moving forward, please bring back cubbie so we can keep it organized. You are not required to return work and each week our lessons will be on the VPK web page, but we will be sending home books and other materials needed to complete some of the projects. Work completed can be dropped off or send us pictures. New week’s lessons will be in the office for you to pick up between 10:00 and 1:00 each Friday.
Ms. Jillian and I want to keep it as hands-on as possible during this challenging time, but this is not meant to be overwhelming in any way.  Logging in or completing this work is not a requirement, but do know that we are here for you and will do our best to think outside of the box to find answers and always support your needs.
See you tomorrow,
Kris Pooley