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Mid April! We can’t believe that it is already a less than two weeks from May. At this time we are learning about parts of the flower, parts of the bird, parts of ladybug and butterfly. We are practicing our reading and writing skills each day and our cursive is super impressive! Math is moving a long as well, students are practicing big bank addition and subtraction and working with numbers through the thousands. We enjoyed our field trip to the Turtle Hospital in Marathon! Enjoy some new pictures!

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Happy April! The year is flying by! We have been having so much fun in our class learning and growing each day. Our class has been busy learning about insects, butterflies, plants, tending our garden (which is blooming like crazy!!), place value up to the thousands, adding through a thousand, skip counting 1-10, reading comprehension and writing! We have a lot of readers and more popping up each week. We have been going on nature walks, exploring our changing environment. We are looking forward to our trip to Marathon Turtle Hospital to learn about creatures in our own backyard!


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Happy Spring Break! We cannot believe that March is flying by so quickly, in fact the school year is flying by! We are having so much fun with the Seadragons learning and growing each day. There have been so many readers popping up in the VPK, and our Kindergarten students have been working very hard reading with fluency and writing paragraphs. Our class has had some exciting field trips around the Florida Keys enjoying and studying nature. We have been clouds, flags, rhyming words, St.Patrick’s Day, adding with three and four digit numbers, growing our classroom garden, reading, research writing and so much more! Be sure to check Class Dojo for updates daily!



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Welcome to the VPK/Kindergarten Class! We have been having so much fun in class learning and growing. January and February have flown by learning about Antarctica, US Flags, learning our sounds and reading, math, geometry, President’s and now clouds! We have also celebrated our 100th day of school and now counting up to see if we can reach 200. March is right around the corner and we will be taking two field trips with our Seadragons! Be sure to check Class Dojo often for updates.









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Whitney Garcia

Ms. Whitney Garcia          Lead Kindergarten Teacher        [email protected]