Welcome to TVM’s 4th & 5th-grade classrooms!  We hope you have a fabulous summer. We are so excited to see you back this fall.

Ms. CathyGwilliam:  [email protected] or [email protected]

Ms. Debra Hess: [email protected] or [email protected]


Dear Families,

Attached is the work for the summer reading project. The students will be completing a lap-book to go with the books they read. The directions are on each page of the packet and the manila folders are provided. Enjoy your books and have a fabulous summer. 4th grade will be reading Matilda, and 5th grade will be reading Chomp. We can’t wait to see what they have learned as they read this summer. 


Cathy Gwilliam and Debbie Hess

Summer Assignment: BookReportLapbookKit


Global Travel was forced to cancel the trip due to Covid-19.  They are standing by their current cancellation policy and not being very cooperative with returning funds.   We were able to work out a few options.  

Option 1: Cancel by today and receive 50% of your money back.  You must cancel by sending them an email. 
Option 2: Request a voucher worth 75% of your trip to be used on another Global Alliance Trip (obviously this is not something I am recommending)
Option 3: Stay the course and stay enrolled.  I have submitted dates to reschedule this trip for mid-September.  The area is beautiful that time of year, you will not owe any more money and you will not lose money.  This will only negatively affect families that are not planning on returning to TVM next year.   
Please let Principal Kelly know your decision as soon as possible and if you decide to cancel the trip please include Kelly on your email to the company requesting to cancel.  I am sincerely sorry about this situation and I support any efforts you go through to speak with management of the company to try and get the funds returned.