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Welcome to TVM’s 4th & 5th-grade classrooms! Please take a look around, enjoy all we have in store for your student! Please feel free to contact either teacher for volunteer opportunities and any questions you may have.

Ms. Cathy Gwilliam

Lead Teacher 4th & 5th Grade/Leadership
[email protected]




Debra HessMs. Debra Hess

Lead Teacher 4th & 5th Grade
[email protected]



TOP 10 THINGS TO KNOW SUMMARY: Top Ten things to know about grades 4-5


Study Island

Students are required to complete weekly study island.
Link: www.studyisland.com

Study Island is a weekly assignment – you have 8 days to complete the work. Please plan vacations accordingly so you can complete the work. Extended time is not given to assignments with ongoing deadlines.

Need to check your student’s grades on Portal?

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Please allow your children to use the website listed below to help them with their weekly spelling words.

They can practice spelling tests, play fun games with their words, and other activities. It’s a great resource. All the spelling lists have been uploaded for entire year! Check the website out! https://www.spellingcity.com/users/msdebbie2nd

Reading Logs

Students have reading logs that will be due every Friday. The students have the first nine weeks of reading logs handed out. Below is the weekly logs weeks 1-9. Please make sure to do them in order.

TVM_Reading Log

Birthday Celebrations:

Birthday celebration will take place the last Wednesday of the month if possible. For June, July and August birthday’s we will celebrate on Wednesday, August 28th.  We have a low sugar policy so no cake or cupcakes. There are 44 students. The room moms will coordinate with you so we are not all bringing the same item to share. An email with a sign up will go out the month your son/daughter is celebrating.

June, July, August birthdays: August 28th
September birthdays: September 18th
October birthdays: October 31st
November birthdays: November 20th
December birthdays: December 18th
January birthdays: January 29th
February birthdays: February 19th
March birthdays: March 25th
April birthdays: April 22nd
May birthdays: May 20th

Field Trips:

Field trips are outings to help enhance the curriculum in the classroom environment. They are extensions on the lessons being taught. The field trip form is a guide and has the potentiality of changing based on availability.

2020 field trips

Snack Shack:

Snack Shack is an intricate part of the 4/5 environment. We sell snacks to the school to raise money for our end of the year celebration. Snack donations are encouraged. They need to be low sugar and individually packaged for sales. You can receive 1 hour of volunteer hours per quarter for 2 separate donations (log the hours on Track it Forward). Any additional questions please reach out to Ms. Cathy or Ms. Hess.

Ongoing Projects:

ABC Europe Project:

Due: Jan/Feb 2020

This ABC Europe Project is being completed during Cultural Studies, however, students may work on this at home, bring in pictures,post cards, etc.. Please see below (click on links) for the guidelines and an example of how an entry should be completed.

_Example of an ABC entry for Spain

Grade 4/5 ABC European Project

Florida Travel Journal:

Due: January 2020

This Florida Travel Journal is being completed in class during Social Studies. However, there are activities that need to be completed at home and with the family. 

Fourth and Fifth Grade Florida Scrapbook 2019-2020 (2)

Science Stem Fair Student Packet:

Science Stem Fair Student Packet