Welcome to Middle School at TVM

Congratulations students on rocking through your statewide testing. Last up is 8th grade science on Monday, May 17.

Language Arts:
Students have been working on their poetry.

🧪 Science: 🧪
We are learning about geology.

📚 Civics: 📚
Students took their EOC this week. Next up is learning about foreign policy!

📚 US History: 📚
Students are presenting their Google Slide presentations on a Westward Expansion topic of their choice.

Calendar of Events

Saturday, May 15: Special Olympics 10 am – noon

Monday, May 17: 8th Grade Science FSA, sessions 1 and 2

Wednesday, May 19:
Dodge Ball at ICS. Then Lunch and Rocket Launch at Founders. TVM Board Meeting

Thursday, May 20: Algebra EOC

Saturday, May 22 – Saturday, May 29:
Costa Rica Field Trip

Wednesday, May 26: Early Release Day – Teacher Inservice

Monday, May 31: Memorial Day – No School

Tuesday, June 1:  School wide awards will be given out in the courtyard at 8:30am.  (Sorry, no parents at this event; we are working on a virtual solution to post on Facebook).  Yearbook signing will take place directly following the award ceremony.  If you forgot to order a yearbook please contact Ms. Lori ([email protected]), they are $40.  If you do not wish to purchase a yearbook, don’t worry, the teachers will work with the students to make their own small books to have signed.

Wednesday, June 2:  Field Day for grades 6-8.  Students must be in PE  bottoms and tops in order to participate.  They will get wet so if the girls wish to wear a bathing suit top under the TVM shirt that will be fine.  They must have on sneakers in order to participate.  Field day will take place from 9am-11am.  If parents wish to help please contact Coach Lesa ([email protected]).  All students must bring the following on this day:  water bottle, hat, sunscreen and a complete change of clothes for when they return to campus.  There will be a lunch provided when they return to campus.

Thursday, June 3:  Day of Celebration.  The 8th graders will be going from room to room and having fun challenge activities with each class, working with the younger students.  They will be having their last 8th grade lunch outing on this day and they will need to bring money for lunch.

**** Graduation **** will take place from 5-7pm at the CSHS PAC center.  Graduates will each be given 6 tickets that they can use to invite people to attend the ceremony.  We are limited in capacity and this was the only way we were able to utilize the center.  So please try to plan accordingly.  Students will given tangible tickets on June 1st to give to family/friends that they want to attend.

Friday, June 4:  This is field day for students in grades VPK-5; middle school students will be helping coach with all of the events.  All 8th graders that return for this event will be given high school community service hours as well as a CSHS t-shirt. Please let Ms. Kelly know if your child will be able to help on this day.  The school day is from 8-11am.  Students will be picked up at Founders park.

Things are a bit different this year with everything we have been dealt, however I know that they will have an amazing week and feel as special as they are.  Please let me know if you have any questions.


8th Grade Lunches
Friday, May 14 – Group 3 with Ms. Connie
Friday, May 21 – Group 4 with Ms. Linda

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Pascal Weisberger Day of Service


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US History
Group 4 History
Group 3 History
Group 2 History
Group 1 History

Group 2 Civics
Group 3 Civics

8th Grade Science
7th Grade Science

6th Grade Science

Language Arts
8th Grader Language Arts
7th Grade Language Arts
6th Grade Language Arts

8th Grade Math
7th Grade Math

6th Grade Math

Your Teachers


Ms. Connie and Buddy – ESE & Critical Thinking                           Ms. Jen and Kipper – Math


               Ms. Bobbi – Science                           Ms. Linda – Language Arts           Ms. Stephanie – Social Studies




Ms. Bobbi: [email protected]
Ms. Stephanie: [email protected]
Ms. Jen: [email protected]
Ms. Linda: [email protected]
Ms. Connie: [email protected].net


Ms. Bobbi: [email protected]
Ms. Stephanie: [email protected]
Ms. Jen: [email protected]
Ms. Linda: [email protected]
Ms. Connie: [email protected]
Ms. Kelly, Principal: [email protected]
Ms. Lori, Finance Director: [email protected]
Ms. Amanda, Office Manager: [email protected]