Welcome to TVM’s Kindergarten & 1st-grade classroom with Ms. Louanne, Ms. Mari and Ms. Whitney! Please take a look around, enjoy all we have in store for your student! If you are a current parent please check our class Dojo regularly as we communicate daily through that app.


Our website and class Dojo will be updated weekly to reflect the virtual instructional plan for the current week. We look forward to spending time with our students! ūüôā¬†

Virtual Instruction 

K/1 Class March 30- April 3, 2020

Pick One From Each Category Each Day

Daily Schedule (please adapt to your families needs) Extra Kindergarten 1st Grade
Morning Routine Have your child practice independently making their bed, getting dressed, preparing for the day, helping or making their own breakfast. 
Connect Watch Circle Time through Google Meet 
Read with Someone
  1. Read a book to your child
  2.  Listen to the Scholastic Read-Aloud book of the day (https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome/grades-prek-k.html) 
  3. ¬†Pick a book on Storyline Online ‚Äď books read by actors


  1.  Have your children read a book of their choice to you
  2. Read on Epic! (directions on how to access on  Class Dojo)
Writing Practice

(details for each activity on website)

Chalk writing outside kind messages Picture Journal with Words

Letter to a friend 

List Making

Write a Letter

Daily Journal

Extra Writing Activities Cursive writing- write your name, family member names, grocery lists, or recipes. 
Pre-reading & Reading Skills Find items in your house that have the sounds ‚Äú-ch or -sh‚ÄĚ Sight word list

Epic! Books assignments and quizzes after completing a book

Sight word list

Epic! Books assignments and quizzes after completing a book

Math Practice  Measure items in your home, record your data to share!  Virtual lessons

Extra Math


Virtual lessons

Extra Math


Optional Activities: 

Practical life 

Smelling spices

Cook or bake together! Teach skills of measuring, pouring, mixing, etc. 

Washing Dishes

Paint mixing

Laundry sorting

Independent Activity Options Self Care: zipping jacket, buttoning

Art: coloring, cutting and gluing

Building: blocks, legos, cereal boxes, anything!

Movement:  toss and catch a sock ball, make an indoor obstacle course

Play outside, help make lunch, rest/nap

A few important notes:  PLEASE READ!

We know families have a lot of roles, responsibilities, and new circumstances to juggle right now!  Our hope is that this suggested schedule of daily work will feel flexible and manageable. If it doesn’t feel like it’s working for your family or your child, PLEASE let us know and we can adapt a plan together. 

Our aim is that the schedule would involve you (or another adult or older child!) directly facilitating learning time each day for about 60 minutes for kindergarten and first grade.¬† Most of their ‚Äúschool day‚ÄĚ can be independent activities. Please reach out with any questions, concerns, and feedback on what is and isn‚Äôt helpful.


Our daily schedule will be as follows:

All instructional sessions below will be led through Google Meet as a live session and will be recorded to be viewed any time on our website. 

10:00-10:30 Morning circle with Mari

10:30-11:00 Reading with Louanne

11:00-11:30 Math lesson with Whitney 

11:30-12:00 Google Meet will remain open for questions, comments and concerns. 

Music will be on Wednesday at 11:00 on Google Meet. 

These sessions will be recorded for students to access at any time if you cannot attend live. 

We are always available through Dojo as well if any parent has questions. 

We are all in this together and want to make this an enjoyable experience for all! 



 Your K/1  Team 




Amazon Classroom Wishlist: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1JWT5E0UKNDNM?ref_=wl_share


Ms. Mari Cortes

[email protected]

Ms. Whitney Garcia

[email protected]

Whitney Garcia

Ms. Louanne Bradley

[email protected]

Louanne Bradley




**********Some recent pictures of our Seadragons having fun and working hard! ***********









Here are some recent pictures of the kids having fun!

We are planning a basket for the Nautical Nights fundraiser and our classroom basket is themed “Brunch Basket”. We need parent donations for this basket, things such as pancake mix, honey, maple syrup, orange juice, jams, chocolate… here are some basket ideas:


Please let us know if your’e able to donate. Thank you again in advance!






Building apple trees                                                   Rocket shooting

Numbers and patterns                                          Read to Self time                                              Numbers and patterns

Apple Graphing                                                    Apple tasting                                       Apple tasting

Building a sustainable Garden 

Our class spent the morning outside building a raised bed garden from scratch! We used wood, cardboard, soil, different types of organic fertilizer and plants to build a garden that will provide food for us in the near future. We planted the following edible and non edible items:

sweet potato








native Florida plants

different color flowers that will attract positive bugs

The kids took part in each part of building this beautiful garden. We look forward to keeping up with our plants and deriving food from it!

*If you would like information about the company who helped build this amazing garden, please contact Ms. Whitney at [email protected]

We have weekly STEAM activities for our students. These activities correlate to the thematic topics that the students are studying that week. Check out some of our previous activities:

Students made a bird nest our of items we collected on a nature walk. Students worked together to design a nest that they think would attract birds. We are awaiting visitors to our nests!


Our current theme of study is Fall including types of trees, apple study, seasons and how nature responds to different seasons. We had a STEAM activity that the students designed a boat from an apple. They chose the shape apple they thought would float the best. Ended up being the circular shape that won!

Upcoming field trips:   

September 10th we will be having a very special visitor come and help us building a classroom sustainable garden. We are so excited to build a fruit and vegetable garden that will provide food for us throughout the year. Our students will be maintaining this garden throughout the year and adding to it as different seasons allow.

The next few months we are headed to Dolphins Plus, Crane Point, Deering Estates for a Bone Dig, Miami Children’s Museum, Zoo Miami, and in in house STEAM day!

*Current parents check Dojo for specific dates and details.

Housekeeping Notes:

*Parent Service Hours. Log your hours on trackitforward.com. All families are required to complete 15 hours to benefit our school.

*Students have been given a folder to bring home each night. Please be sure to check this folder each evening for any important information or paperwork needing to be signed.

*Students need to bring a backpack, lunch, water bottle, and their folder every day to school. Students must wear closed-toe shoes daily (especially in order to play on playground). If your child wears boots or dressy flats, they must bring sneakers in their backpack for playground.

*Please note that Aftercare is available Monday-Friday until 5:30 p.m. for a fee.

*If you need help with Class Dojo please be sure to ask! We would love to walk you through understanding all the app has to offer! We communicate daily through the class stories and your welcome to message us through the app messaging as it is a private message.

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Thank you parents for your donations and your time! We are so grateful for everything you all offer!



Spanish: Every day in the classroom. Please reinforce classroom learning by having a conversation daily about what they have learned.

P.E.  : Held twice weekly, students should wear a uniform and tennis shoes along with a water bottle clearly marked with their name.

Art : Held once Weekly in the Art Studio

Music:  Twice a week in our classroom for one hour each class! 

Library: once a week in the TVM library