Welcome to TVM’s Kindergarten & 1st-grade classroom! Please take a look around, enjoy all we have in store for your student! Please feel free to contact us about volunteer opportunities and any questions you may have.


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 Kindergarten & 1st Grade
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Welcome April! 🦋

April is here! Full speed ahead…. we are planning a month full of learning and fun. We have started getting our garden beds ready for planting and will be exploring lessons on gardening, life cycles, and seeds in celebration of Earth Day this month! In math, we will continue working on speed with our math facts, we will be learning about geometric shapes, and fractions. We will be conducting a science experiment involving rocks and minerals every Friday this month. April will also be the month of all things Australian mate!




Students will have their spelling/vocabulary quiz on Friday’s. Please check take-home folders for any information or reading assignments.

MobyMax:  We are excited to implement a new web-based curriculum called MobyMax in our classroom. Placement tests that accurately identify where your child excels, and where his or her “missing skills” are. Targeted instruction to “fill in” those missing skills. Systematic review sessions that ensure that your child retains 100% of what he or she has learned. School code:  fl4013, u/n (first name), p/w (first name).





April Spelling Words

Week of April 8- Sight Words:had, not, but, with, toy, three, one, two, four, door Kindergarten   A25  1st Grade   B25

Week of April 15- Sight Words:be, if, just, stop, bee, red, blue, green, yellow, fox Kindergarten   A26  1st Grade   B26

Week of April 22- Sight Words:bad, good, then, ate, sun, us, did, look, play, baby Kindergarten   A27  1st Grade   B27

Week of April 29- Sight Words:get, went, five, make, tree, six, what, there, come, cake Kindergarten   A28  1st Grade  B28

Upcoming Field Trips:

The next field trip will be as follows: Waste Management in Miami ($5)

  • Ms. Tiffany April 18
  • Ms. Mari April 25


Upcoming Dates:

  • April 15th-19th--Spring Book Fair
  • April 18 Easter Pancake Breakfast/ Ms. Tiffany’s field trip
  • April 24 Early Dismissal @ 11:45
  • April 25 Ms. Mari field trip
  • April 26 April Birthday Celebration





Is every day this year. Please reinforce classroom learning by having a conversation daily about what they have learned.


  • Ms. Tiffany Tuesday & Friday.
  • Ms. Mari Monday & Thursday.

Students should wear a uniform and tennis shoes along with a water bottle clearly marked with their name.


  • Ms. Tiffany Monday & Thursday.
  • Ms. Mari Tuesday & Friday.


Is every Wednesday!

Show & Share    

Ms. Tiffany                    

Monday: Atreyu and Xander.

Tuesday: Liam, Flynn, Nova, Carolina, and Colton.

Wednesday: Max, Adam, Lilia, Lucy, and Kaden.

Thursday: Iris, Peyton, Morgan, Kylie, and Indio.

Ms. Mari 

Monday: Lyla, AJ, Brandon and Blake

Tuesday: Riley, Jacobo, Tristan H and Honor

Wednesday: Ava, Micah, Tristan V, Colin

 Thursday: Stella, Jude, Ian, Thorston

*Parent Service Hours. Log your hours on trackitforward.com. All families are required to complete 15 hours to benefit our school.

*Students have been given a folder to bring home each night. Please be sure to check this folder each evening for any important information or paperwork needing to be signed. A book is sent home regularly for your child to read and practice fluency.

*Students need to bring a backpack, lunch, water bottle, and their folder every day to school. Students must wear closed-toe shoes daily (especially in order to play on playground). If your child wears boots or dressy flats, they must bring sneakers in their backpack for playground.

*Please note that Aftercare is available Monday-Friday until 5:30 p.m. for a fee.