The St. Augustine Enrichment Trip has been postponed until further notice
due to Covid-19 mandates. An official announcement will be posted when it becomes available


Mrs. Kris Sullivan-Fickling
2nd/3rd Grade Lead Teacher
[email protected]




Ms. Jessica

Ms. Jessica Harris
2nd/3rd Grade Lead Teacher
[email protected]



With the many changes happening, we will keep our web page updated to reflect the current learning situation. Please visit here to check for assignments, links to activities, and ideas to do at home. Weekly assignments may be obtained through online platforms, include worksheets/workbooks, or students may be asked to demonstrate learning through practical life activities.  We will be striving towards slowly familiarizing ourselves with Google Classroom beginning the week of April 6th. TVM’s website has a Virtual Instruction Tab you may access for Google Classroom/Hangout familiarity.

Google Login information needed first

Students:  first initial last name (example:  [email protected])

Password:  44lunchcode0

Contact educator for this code via email if your child is a second level student and does not currently utilize.

Class Codes:  Will become available

Our office hours will be Monday-Thursday, 9:00 – 12:00, beginning Monday, March 30th.  We will be meeting with students using Google Meet (eventually), Zoom, email, and phone calls.

Pearson Realize: Math

Students will eventually have math assignments in Pearson.  Assignments may be completed online, or if completed in a workbook, pages may be scanned and uploaded into the Google Classroom.  Quizzes and tests will be taken online.

Link: Pearson Realize  

*Passwords will be forthcoming via email; towards the end of the second week


The work plan that the 2/3 Team has put together for your child is meant to feel manageable.  We understand that families have a lot of roles, responsibilities, and new circumstances to navigate through during this challenging time.  We will be here to support you and your family along the way.  Be sure to check your personal emails for additional information, passwords, class codes, etc.

Week Two


(Week Two)


(Raz Kids)

Fact or Opinion:


Lost Cities



Wild Horses

Leveled Readers with Comprehension Questions


EPIC Books

Assigned Books

Class Code



Chapter Books assigned online

Read Chapters 3 and 4


Free Choice

Book Talk 





(Week Two)

Journal Choice:

“My Spring Break”


“If you could change one thing about TVM, what would it be?  How would your school be different?”


Write a friendly letter to anyone

Onto a piece of notebook paper

Make a list of any ten misspelled words from your journal, letter, or any word that you may have had difficulty reading from Raz.  

Next to each word write its part of speech

(noun, adjective, article, preposition, pronoun, verb, pronoun, conjunction, interjection) 

Write onto a piece of notebook paper or inside journal books/Spelling books

Summarize these chapters utilizing the 5 w’s

(who, what, when, where, why)

Write onto notebook paper or type into Word

Compose an elaborate story or tall tale.  Remember you need a beginning, middle, end.  

Rough Draft

You may write onto notebook paper or type into a Word document


(Week Two)


Refer to your schedule in order to answer these questions. 

How long do you sleep?  Eat Snacks? Do classwork?  Exercise? Take your pet outside?  Stay awake? Add up how many hours total that you spent last week on each of the tasks that you included on your schedule.

Write onto a piece of notebook paper.

Math Facts:


Invite someone in your family to play a game of War with a deck of cards


Find a math program to utilize for 25 min. (Xtra Math,


What multiplication facts do you struggle with?  Find a song to help you remember these facts. Practice and then recite to someone.

Or for 25 min.  

Create a Ruler:

Create a ruler.  Be sure to make the ruler 1 foot.  Divide equally into 12 equal parts.  Can you find and label the ½ point? Mark.  Can you find and label the ¼ points? What about ⅛ inches?  Check with a real ruler. Do they match?

Try out your new ruler.  Record your findings. Did the ruler that you created work for you.  Did you find any problems with your ruler? If so, what were the problems?  How would you fix or not fix your ruler in the future?  

Write down your findings onto composition paper.

Pearson Math Workbook Pages


Choose three workbook pages to complete in your workbook


(Week Two)


*Type your research from last week into a document 


*Type your research from last week into a document

Social Studies/


Create a Comic that shows a disagreement and a solution.  Remember that it is important to treat everyone that way that you want to be treated.  In your very own Comic strip, show how you can treat others with kindness, even if there is a disagreement.


Draw/write about what makes someone a good leader.



Create a graph using the collected data.  You may create a pictograph, frequency graph, pie chart, Table graph and place it onto white or graph paper. 

  • All students should read or be read to for 25-30 mins. every night.
  • Memorization of basic addition (2nd grade) and multiplication (3rd grade) for accuracy and speed is required
  • Please refer to TVM’s Main Web Page for additional information, tips, and Cultural/P.E. classes


Music Schedule Each Thursday via Google Meet

Ms. Jessica’s Class 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m.

Ms. Kris’s Class 10:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m.


*Duolingo and Rockalingua are websites that will continue to support what students learned in Spanish class and much more.  If you would like to reach out or say Hola to Senora Soly you may do so at:  [email protected]

Art Class Information

Ms. Diana would like for students to choose one or two art projects to complete, prior to next Tuesday.  You can visit Ms. Diana’s Art Class page which can be found under the Cultural Tab.  Art Class will occur for grades 2/3 each Tuesday from 1:00 p.m.-2:00 p.m.  A link will be sent out via email in regards to attending via Google Meet.


Check under the Cultural and Athletic Tab