3rd grade class trip

Welcome to TVM’s 2nd & 3rd-grade classrooms! Please take a look around, enjoy all we have in store for your student! Please feel free to contact either teacher for volunteer opportunities and any questions you may have.

Mrs. Kris Sullivan-Fickling
2nd/3rd Grade Lead Teacher




Ms. Jessica

Ms. Jessica Harris
2nd/3rd Grade Lead Teacher





  • 3rd-grade students are required to complete weekly assignments on www.studyisland.com
  • All third grade students are required to work with Study Island, completing these assignments each week.  Please be sure that your child is up to date!
  • All students should read or be read to for 25-30 mins. every night.
  • Students should study their spelling, words for their weekly spelling tests, which are administered on Friday.

For second and third graders, it is of the utmost importance that ALL students arrive to school on time, which is no later than 8:30 a.m. Keep in mind that the accumulation of three tardies are equal to one absence. Fifteen or more absences are considered excessive and could lead to retention.

Community Service Opportunities: Please ask your teacher how your student may take advantage of community service hour opportunities in and around the school. Third-grade students are required to give 15 hours of service during the school year. Likewise, parents and guardians may satisfy their volunteer hour commitments (15 hours per family) through the classroom, school-wide events and through the PTO.