State funded program for 4 year olds with an introduction to Montessori Education. Students at this age are curious, studious, loving and oftentimes quite independent. Meeting their needs requires a rich environment where they can feel safe and loved as well as challenged to explore their world.
Ms. Kris’ VPK

Lower Elementary: Grades K-3

Children in this age group are starting to realize that the world is their classroom. They are primed to study continents, cultures, scientific concepts, and great literature, mathematics and more. Children are encouraged to learn both in cooperation with each other and independently. A multi-age classroom provides a community of support.
Mrs. Mari’s Kindergarten Class
Ms. Louanne’s First Grade Class
Ms. Kathie 1-2
Ms. Jessica & Ms. Kris

Upper Elementary: Grades 4-5

Academic rigor increases as well as independence, time management and self organization. Students learn through experiential hands on activities. Montessori elementary programs increase cultural awareness by providing a wide range of opportunities for children to explore their culture, and that of others, through the study of history, geography, language arts, and the sciences.
Ms. Hess 4-5

Middle School: Grades 6-8

We offer a classical curriculum designed to motivate learners of varied backgrounds, interests, and talents. What they share is a demanding academic environment in which their teachers inspire them to love learning and to embrace curiosity, creativity, and hard work. Providing structure and a strong foundation from the start, the curriculum allows for increasing independence as students move through the three years. Small classes permit teachers to find their students’ strengths and insist on their best efforts. Our commitment to the success of every student is absolute.
Middle School