Monroe COMPUTE$ Distributes $18,850 in Cash Incentives

MONROE COUNTY, Fla. – New records were set in the 3rd round of competition for Monroe COMPUTE$ incentives this school year. Checks were awarded to 137 to Monroe students for earning more industry certifications. Coral Shores High School was the leader with 34 certifications in Microsoft and Adobe programs.

“Our students have done a great job rising to the challenge,” said Linda Britton, Coral Shores High School’s Digital Information Technology teacher. “The incentives have really motivated students to work hard and earn as many certifications as possible.”

“I’m so excited to earn the certifications and incentives,” said Coral Shores Senior, Miguel Quezada, who leads the district with seven certifications. “I’m also proud that I helped our school finish first in this round.”

MCSD’s younger students contributed greatly to the certification numbers in this round. “Students in grades 5-8 earned over half of the certifications and incentives,” explained Sibba Mira, the district’s Career and Technical Education Coordinator. “Most notable are the five Plantation Key School 5th graders that earned IC3 Digital Literacy certifications in Merlou Robinson’s class. The class took on the initiative to pioneer the program at their elementary school, which will be offering the certification option to many more students next year.”

Overall, Monroe students in grades 5-12 earned $18,850 in cash incentives for completing Microsoft Office, Adobe, IC3 Digital Literacy, and Microsoft Technology Associate programing certifications in this round, and almost $44,000 so far this school year. “The number of students earning industry certifications continues to increase,” said Superintendent Mark Porter. “Interest in our certification programs continues to grow in all of our schools. We look forward to adding additional course offerings next year to meet the demand.”

“There will be continuous testing through the end of the school year,” Porter added. “Students can test when they are ready; there are plenty of incentives to be earned in the next three months.”

“Sixteen sixth graders at Treasure Village Montessori Charter School also completed IC3 Digital Literacy and MOS certifications and earned incentives,” according to John Padget, founder of Monroe COMPUTE$. “Studying at their own pace, they can get a head start on their next certificates.”