Enrollment Policy

Any child shall be eligible for admission into voluntary preschool if he/she is four (4) years, kindergarten is five (5) years of age on or before September 1 of the school year and so on. For grades 1 and beyond the same policy applies. A student who transfers from another state shall be admitted under the same age requirements as established in the state where he/she was previously enrolled, as long as curriculum requirements have been met and extensive proof of this can be provided.

The statute requires the following documents prior to enrollment, upon acceptance into the program. The statute prohibits a school from admitting a student, regardless of grade level, who does not comply with the law. State statutes hold parents or guardians of school-aged children responsible for compliance with the law.

Please note: All newly enrolled students will be required to submit and/or complete forms required by the school prior to the start of the school year along with any applicable fees. It is important that you complete the forms thoroughly and legibly with the most up-to-date information.

Enrollment Dates - 2020 April 13-23rd at 5PM

Open enrollment is held yearly during April, with a lottery held to determine waitlist order. As positions in each grade level become available, students are offered a position in the order in which they are listed. Once enrolled and attending the program, students maintain their enrollment without having to reapply. Applicants who have not secured a position are required to reapply each year. If current students have not fulfilled financial obligations by the start of Open Enrollment they will be unable to automatically enroll and will have to begin the application process again.