Myths Versus the Truth about Charter Schools MYTH: Charter schools are private schools. TRUTH: Charter schools are NOT private schools. They are tuition-free public schools that are part of the state’s public education system. CLICK IMAGE FOR FULL REPORT

  1. Student Relationships & School Culture. Everything we do will center on a meaningful relationship with teacher, parent and student built on TRUSTWORTHINESS and focusing on what is in the best interests of the student to maximize his/her learning experience
  2. Families and Communities. We place a priority on being and raising SELF-RELIANT citizens committed to their global environment. We maintain a platform for every shareholder to have a voice.
  3. Student Growth and Development. We empower progressive thinking with an innovative and creative approach to learning wherever the child is. Our learning environment is STUDENT-CENTERED and STEAM FOCUSED, affording every child the ability to investigate and identify what they are most passionate about.
  4. Learning Environment and Curriculum. We stimulate AUTHENTIC learning by providing unique access to flexible learning environments, the world lab around us and foster the practical use of these experiences in daily life. The Montessori Philosophy and Florida State Standards are integrated across all subjects ensuring our students receive the best possible balance of rigor and relevance.
  5. Program Planning and Development. TVM is committed to aligning our values for student academic development with fresh and current curriculum. We allow our teachers ACADEMIC AUTONOMY to teach effectively to the whole child in a way that stimulates and excites.
  6. Discipline & Accountability. We believe our ethical behavior, based on integrity, mutual RESPECT, and our grace and courtesy principles, fosters a positive culture and creates an environment that is safe, secure and structured to meet the needs of all children. Our staff’s commitment to professional and academic accountability promotes a cycle of continuous improvement.

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